SSA 's Active Members

               Participation Policy

- SSA Active Members are paying tuition to reserve their placement in class and to be active in special advance training as well as various activities throughout SSA dance organization. Missed or skipped practices are not the responsibility of SSA or it's staff once one is an official member of SSA. Full amount of tuition is required each and every month until membership resignation. 

- Students are allowed to take make-up classes in any styles class of their choice within the same month. SSA Members must first check in and schedule make-ups with the office.


- All forms checked "weekly" and "bi-weekly" payments are placed on automatic debit. This will assure that students are not behind on their membership fee and to remain eligible to continue growth in class and activity participation. This also allows dancers to keep their spots in training.

- Monthly tuition is due in full by the 1st and 5th of each month. Monthly tuition does not have to be placed on automatic debit unless decided so by SSA Member.


- Dancers who are not in good financial standing according to SSA Member Agreement, (payment requirements) before attending their desired class/style will be removed from class roster. 

-Dancers will be placed on hold and SSA Member benefits will cease: No further participation in any class sit-ins, tryouts, practices, performances or competitions/battles or, class discounts for 2 or more classes until the balance is paid in full.

Thank You.

Visit SSA @:

1313 Virginia Ave. Kansas City, MO. 64106


School: (816) 352-3829

Monday -  Friday   10:00 am - 8:00 pm      

Saturday                 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday                    Closed

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