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About Us



Welcome to Street Styles Academy (SSA), where we redefine street dance as a vehicle for passion, confidence, and fitness. At SSA, we celebrate the language of dance that connects souls and brings joy to all. With a range of styles from hip-hop to breakdancing, our expert instructors nurture individuals at every level. Beyond just dance, our platform empowers confidence and physical well-being, making it a space for growth. Express your unique style with our vibrant merchandise. SSA is more than a dance studio; it's a judgment-free family that unites generations through shared passion. Our energetic performances inspire youth to chase their dreams and provide coaching opportunities to advance careers. Join SSA to embrace diversity, unlock creativity, and transform lives through dance.

HyVee Arena Facility

HyVee Arena

Membership Amenities

SSA's new facility comes with loads of amenities that come with whatever dance membership you choose! 

- 2,434 SF Facility     - 1,280 SF Custom Dance Floor     - Store Front Access to Facility     - In-House Store for SSA Merch
- Gym Access     - Men's and Women's Locker Rooms with Showers     - Upper and Lower Level Arena Access
- Food/ Drink Vendors     - Barbershop     - Chiropractor     - Vending Machines and ATMs     - And MORE!

Pick Your Style

Pick Your Style

Private Classes

Open Classes

Monday - Friday
9:50 am - 12:00 pm for All Ages

Discover our Private Class Training with KC's top Street Dancers. Choose your favorite dance style and receive personalized one-on-one coaching for fast and impressive results. Unlock your dance potential and elevate your skills with our expert instructors. Join now and experience the thrill of mastering street dance in no time!

Monday - Friday
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm for All Ages

Join us in our Open Class Training with KC's top Street Dancers. Want to learn all of the styles but do not want to pay for all of them? SSA Open Class is a perfect fit for you if that is the case! Join now and get the opportunity to dabble in all the styles SSA has to offer. In each class, you will learn a fully choreographed routine for the style being taught that day.  


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